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No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.




What is Aspect Wonder Tarot?

Aspect Wonder Tarot is a gentle and kind way into the world of the tarot. The emphasis of these readings are not on the cards themselves, but on you. By the time you decide to come seek out a tarot card reading there is already the desire for action. You have made the first step in moving towards a future that you are willing to cultivate and create. The tarot cards act as a tool for deep reflection and concentrated meditation on what you believe to be your weaknesses. Only by getting real with yourself can you ignite change in your situation. Everyone is magic, you just have to listen hard enough.


These readings are based on positive action that are in line with your goals. You can receive a single card reading for $10 or a three card spread for $25. We can align the cards with your goals, or help you to set them!

Comment below or email aspectwondertarot@gmail.com for more info.